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Department of Physics, IIT Bombay offers a 2-year M.Sc. programme and a 4-year dual degree programme in M.Sc. (Physics)-M.Tech. (Material Science) with a specialization in Nanoscience and Technology (offered jointly by the Department of Physics and the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Material Science). A very vibrant and active Ph.D. programme, in which about 100 research students are currently enrolled, is a highlight of the department. The department also offers a 4-year B.Tech. programme in Engineering Physics and a 5-year B.Tech.-M.Tech. Dual Degree in Engineering Physics with specialization in Nanoscience.


The Department consists of about 35 faculty members who are involved in  dynamic research programmes at the frontiers of condensed matter physics, statistical physics, photonics, nuclear physics and high energy physics; both  theoretical as well as experimental. The department has well equipped laboratories to carry out experimental research in various thrust areas such as magnetic and superconducting materials, semiconductor thin films, multilayers and nanostructures, ultrafast processes and nonlinear optics and nuclear structure and reaction studies. Some of the facilities of the department include sputtering, laser ablation and Langmuir-Blodgett facilities for thin film preparation, low temperature measurements and femto and nano second lasers. In view of the current interest of the Department in nanoscience and technology, state of the art facilities such as high resolution x-ray diffractometer, low energy electron diffraction and scanning probe microscope have been setup. A versatile Surface Analysis Instrument consisting of Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis-Scanning Auger Nanoprobe, Atomic Force Microscopy has been setup in the department as a central facility of the institute. The department has undertaken many R & D projects from various sponsoring agencies. It is also involved in several international collaborations and industrial consultancy projects. The research work carried out in the department appears in the form of over 100 research publications per year in reputed journals and in a large number of presentations by the faculty and Ph.D. students at national and international forums.


The M.Sc. programme has been designed to make the foundations of Physics strong in our students. The curriculum includes substantial basic preparation in Mathematical Physics, Classical, Quantum and Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic theory in addition to courses in Atomic and Molecular Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics and Quantum Electronics. This is complemented by an intensive laboratory programme, including laboratory courses in Electronics and Computer Programming. Specialization in specific areas of Physics is offered through elective courses such as Elementary Particle Physics, Applied Solid State Physics, Applied Nuclear Physics and Photonics. An avenue into contemporary research is provided through a one year M.Sc. Project with individual supervision from faculty members. Our research laboratories and computational facilities help in acquainting the students with methodologies of modern day research and play a very crucial role in shaping them as future scientists. Efforts are also made to continuously review the scope and content of our teaching programme to keep it in tune with the modern developments both in experimental as well as theoretical physics. Some of the recent additions to the M.Sc. curricula are Methods in analytical techniques, Methods in experimental nuclear and particle physics, Nonlinear dynamics, Nanophysics and advanced simulation techniques in Physics.


For more information, see http://www.phy.iitb.ac.in

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