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Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR)


The M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Operations Research) was launched by the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) Programme at IIT Bombay in July 2009. IEOR at IIT Bombay has been offering Ph.D, programme for B.Tech, M.Tech and M.Sc. (Operations  Research/ Statistics/ Mathematics) students. It also offers M.Tech programme for B.Tech students. The M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (OR) programme offers a direct entry to doctoral studies which provides students an early start to research for a doctoral degree.


Students joining the M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (OR) are selected through JAM exam (MA or MS papers). The minimum educational qualification for admission is Bachelor's degree with either Mathematics or Statistics as a subject for at least two years or four semesters.


Students in the dual degree in M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (OR) programme have an opportunity to work in interdisciplinary areas including engineering, computing and analysis, with an exposure to a range of application areas. Students in the Ph.D. stage often collaborate with researchers from other universities, research labs, government organisations and private companies, at both national and international fronts. Financial support is available to attend workshops and conferences relevant to the area of research.


The course-work in the dual degree M.Sc.-Ph.D. (OR) programme includes compulsory courses that are exclusive to this programme. The first year courses introduce students to various models, their computational aspects, decision making paradigms and basic concepts of IEOR, including

applications to  engineering and service systems. In their second year students build upon the first year course work and select advanced courses on topics of their interests. Laboratory courses to strengthen the computational and computer-based modeling skills are an integral part of the curriculum. The first two years of course work is counted towards M.Sc. (Operations Research) degree, followed by research work of about four years towards the Ph.D. degree. As a part of Ph.D. requirements, students take an IEOR Ph.D. level course and a project before starting work on their Ph.D. thesis. Students are required to take Ph.D. Qualifying exams during their third year.


The discipline of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) concentrates on the efficient operation of systems and optimal utilisation of resources. Concepts and results from the discipline are increasingly important in almost all sectors of the economy: industry, transport, service, agriculture, education, communication, etc. With present day technology, various types of data, including the transactional type, are available relatively easily and designing appropriate decision making algorithms for managing complex systems is becoming a realistic goal, sought by competitive and forward looking organisations in both private and public sector. Simultaneously, theoretical knowledge is necessary to provide a deep insight into the tradeoffs in decision making. IEOR at IIT Bombay conducts research to address both these needs.


IEOR offers a blend of theory, modeling and applications, drawing from traditional as well as modern areas of operations research, together with a systems view derived from long-standing principles of industrial engineering. IEOR is unique in its contemporary flavor, with specialized courses in Integer Programming, Game Theory, Markov Decision Processes, Services Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Engineering, Knowledge-based systems, Neural Networks, System Dynamics to name a few.



At the same time, it is equally strong in fundamentals of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research with up-to-date courses in Optimisation Techniques, Probability Theory, Stochastic Models and Simulation. It has state-of-the-art computing hardware and software (both commercial and academic) facilities. In addition, students can avail IIT Bombay's well equipped library and other research facilities. IEOR at IIT Bombay has excellent faculty members drawn from various backgrounds who work on a variety of projects both theoretical and applied.


The website http://www.ieor.iitb.ac.in/ has details on the faculty members, students, research, teaching, academics, admissions, and other activities of IEOR.



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