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BioSc and BioEngg

Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering


Path-breaking developments in the application of engineering and technology to the biological and biomedical sciences, through Biotechnology and Biomedical engineering prompted the Institute to look for new initiatives that will further strengthen the bio-related activities in the Institute. A Senate committee addressed this issue and suggested the setting up of a School of Biosciences and Bioengineering for consolidating bio-related activities being pursued in various Science and Engineering departments in the institute. As a result of these initiatives, the School of Biosciences and Bioengineering was formally launched on March 26th 2001. The School was given the status of a Department in June 2009


The vision of the Department is to be hailed as a Centre of Excellence with an intense focus on teaching and research in the areas of molecular, structural, computational biology, biomedical engineering and bioprocess technology towards making an impact on healthcare through New Knowledge, Processes, Products and Protocols.


The programmes offered by the Department are (a) M.Sc. in Biotechnology (with financial support from DBT), (b) M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering, and (c) Ph.D.  Some of the major facilities for teaching and research in Biotechnology include-Animal Cell culture facility, Radiotracer facility, HPLC, FPLC, Spectrophotometer, CD Spectrometer, Fluorimeter, PCR thermocycler, High speed and Ultracentrifuge, AFM, SPR, MALDI-TOF, X-ray diffractometer, Confocal microscopy and facilities for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research.


The Masters programme consists of four semesters and is structured such that students have course work for all four semesters including four laboratory practical courses and the M.Sc. research project in the last two semesters. All the students admitted to M.Sc. Biotechnology programme are given a scholarship of 3000/- p.m. by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.


The M.Sc.-Ph.D. dual degree programme is in abeyance from academic year 2016-17 onward. However, M. Sc. Biotechnology students in the department, who wish to continue for a Ph. D. degree can do so if they have a CGPA above 8.5 (over four-semester) and identify a faculty member who is willing to guide them for the Ph D degree.


For more information, see http://www.bio.iitb.ac.in and / or write to office.bio[at]iitb.ac.in


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