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The Design Programme at IIT Kanpur has been conceived as a centre for creative minds, which stimulates students to bring about synthesis of varied knowledge domains for creative problem solving. The students, through their practical projects, are taught to address social issues by developing and providing innovative design solutions through a multi-disciplinary approach. Not only does the Programme encourage new and radical concepts, but also it facilitates the "concepts to product" transformation. The Programme acts as a hub which fosters interactivity among students, faculty and industry to create a complete learning experience.


The  traditional  analysis  approach  brings  depth  to  particular  streams  of  knowledge  like science, technology, arts or the humanities. This in itself is of little help when it comes to the betterment  of  our civilization.  We pursue a synthesis based approach where knowledge from varied fields are drawn together for the advancement of society. No branch of scientific enquiry is complete in itself. The human need and want is so complex that it calls for a deep understanding of various fields or domains. It is only through extensive teamwork that one can begin to understand  an issue holistically.  A designer  works as a bridge between diverse fields in a team to solve problems - be these day to day problems or big machines.


The Design Programme encourages students from a wide variety of backgrounds and stages of professional experience. Its core courses emphasize creativity and concepts in a broad spectrum. A core laboratory for ideation, incubation, innovation and implementation (4i laboratory) facilitates students to transform their creative ideas into products. Several other advanced laboratories and studios of the Institute are also available to the students to study form and aesthetics, ergonomics, material selection, computer-aided manufacturing, opto- electronics, microprocessor and micro-controller, artificial intelligence, and smart polymers.  In  addition,  the  Media  Technology  Centre  that  houses  the  state  of  the  art equipment and software encourages students to explore the fields of media arts and communication design.


Candidates with a bachelor's degree in Engineering, Design or Architecture and a valid CEED/GATE score are eligible to apply for the two-year Master of Design Programme. Candidates holding degrees in Fine Arts or Interior Design are not eligible to apply. CEED and/or GATE scores are used for short listing the applicants.  Short listed candidates  are called for an interview which may be preceded by a brief written assignment.


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